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Come and visit our stand at the Christmas Tree Festival at Holy Trinity, Penn on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December

November News

Following on from the highly successful September Village Show, the trophies habe been engraved with the winner’s name and delivered to the champions to celebrate their success and to keep until June next year.  We heard from the One Can Trust that we raised approximately £220 on the door, in addition to the eleven crates of food from the donations of those entering and attending the show.  All of these generous donations will go towards supporting the 400 plus local people in need.


We’ve also been busy donating some of the funds raised to various local charities and organisations.  We’ve donated money to Tylers Green Village Hall (who always look after so well) to help with its upkeep.








The Committee is busy working on the classes for next years show on Saturday 13th July.  An insider's tip would be to buy Seville oranges now so that your marmalade has time to mature before the show.  Gardeners tell me that it’s best to sow your sweet pea seeds now and nurture them over winter to have full flowers ready in July.


Look out for our Village Show Christmas tree on display at the Holy Trinity church (Church Road, Penn HP10 8NY) on the weekend of 2nd December with the other local societies.


Please get in touch with the committee by emailing with any ideas for classes or feedback on the show.

We also made a donation to Calibre, an amazing charity which provides over 15,000 audiobooks for people living with a sight disability, in the UK and overseas.  

We made this donation to Calibre as an acknowledgement to our blind Judge, Mr Hawkins who travels down from Northampton to judge for us every year.

 Village Show 2023

Another successful show! It is reassuring in today’s digital age that some traditional events remain well supported. On a glorious early autumn day, the hall was a cool haven, Exhibitors were not deterred by a bust Saturday of events and despite the topsy turvy weather there were some wonderful dahlias, and roses and a wide range of produce including figs, squashes and pumpkins.  


The star of the show was junior entrant Katie Pitt who stunned everyone with a giant pumpkin.  


Janice Halstead who is relatively new to the village and entering for the first time was the clear overall winner of the Cuthbert Cup by a substantial margin. She also picked up a few other trophies too, well done, Janice!  Leni Du Pessis another new entrant, won the Gobert Cup for the best entry on the flower classes and the most points in the novice classes.  Junior classes winners were Oscar Cunningham ( Millar Cup), runaway winner of the Timperley George Cup Daryna Duytrysyhn, and Izzy Gosnold who won the Boyles Trophy for the best entry in the Junior classes.  There were a lot of entries in the craft classes especially the embroidery and two wonderful animals, a stylish rabbit in a lovely outfit which included so much detail and a large grey haired fluffy dog, which many people made commented how remarkably similar it looked to the recent AA advert, however the winner of the Jollye cup was a wooden musical instrument made by Theo Ko another junior entrant and which the judge thought was creative and useful.

Mr Hawkins, our blind judge who has been supporting us for many years, not only judged the scented entries but really enjoys in the chance to smell the other flowers and sample some the domestic entries too.


It was good to see so many entries in the domestic classes this year. Rose Stockwell’s demonstrated a wide range of skills,  winning the White Trophy, for her marmalade, (always a very competitive set of classes) whilst her painting of teasels won the Doris Jennery Trophy for the best painting; and her flower arrangement in a conch won the Decorative classes and the Horn Trophy.  Fiona Holmes Lubiewski retained the Robinsons Trophy for (at least) the second year in a row won scoring the most points in the Domestic classes.  Rebecca Reed who judges the domestic classes,  won the Jubilee Rose Bowl for her pink rose with lace like leaves.  David Deadman won the WI Cup for his gingerbread cake.  The judges were keen to take slices to eat later.  These trophies show the value of perseverance. I first entered the Village Show over 25 years ago when I first moved to Penn and won the Ken Stevens Trophy .  Despite many attempts over the years and even joining the committee, it’s taken more than a quarter of a century to regain the trophy.  For the full list of winners, please see the Trophies web page.


This is a good opportunity to give a  big thank you to all judges, especially our blind judge Mr Hawkins who travels from Northampton with his family to participate in the show.  Thanks to our generous sponsors and to the many local businesses who kindly donated some great raffle prizes; their support is greatly appreciated and without whom,  we would struggle to put on a show.  Special thanks go to Philp Harpur and FMifa for their continued generous support 


When we restarted after Covid.  we stopped charging and instead, asked entrants  and visitors to donate to the One Can Trust – a local food bank which does great work supporting people in need.  Their Operations Manager Helen Foster collected 11 crates “a small mountain of cans and produce”, along with cash donations which will be counted over the next week.  We will share the final amount on our Facebook page.  Helen talked earnestly about how the donations will  help to support more than 400 people in the Wycombe area.  As food and utility costs continue to increase, they are seeing the number needing help steadily increase.  . . 


2024 will be a summer show on Saturday 13th July. Do put it in your diaries, tablets, and phones.  Watch out for more articles in Village Voice, follow us on our Facebook page and keep an eye on our website ( ) we hope to have the vegetable, flower, craft and domestic classes ready for you in the New Year.


See you next year! Please get in touch with the committee by emailing if you have any ideas for classes or feedback on the show.

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